Makassar – October 2, 2020, Tadulako University Disaster Response Students (WAGANA), Central Sulawesi will hold a National Seminar (Semnas) with the theme “Lesson From the Palu Earthquake 28 September 2018“. This activity is planned to be held on Saturday, October 3, 2020, at 13.30 WITA by following the Covid-19 protocol through the Zoom application.

This activity presented Ir. Darmawati Darwis, Ph.D. (Dean of FMIPA UNTAD) as the opening speech. The speakers presented Prof. Dr. Eng. Adi Maulana, ST., M.Phil (Head of the Center for Disaster Studies UNHAS), Lilik Kurniawan, ST., M.Si (Deputy for Prevention of BNPB RI) and 4 other people (on the poster)

“Hopefully activities like this can continue to be echoed, not only to commemorate but also to become learning materials in dealing with potential disasters that exist in the future” -Prof Adi in an interview.