Unhas Disaster Study Center focuses on research and studies on disasters including mitigation technology and preparadness, impacts in the post-disaster on social and health sectors during emergency response, and planning in reconstruction and rehabilitation phase.

Ilham Alimuddin
Ilham AlimuddinS.T., MGIS., Ph.D
Head of Research and Development Centre for Disaster Study Hasanuddin University




1. Conduct socialization and mapping of typespotentials and impacts of disasters in several disaster-prone areas

2. Coordination with the responsible stakeholders such as BMKGBPBDTAGANA, and KEMENKES.

3. Cooperating with national and international institutions for studies and research for the disaster like IAGILIPIBPPTPUSGENNTUANUJICANUFFICKEMENKES, etc.

4. Planting Indigofera plants in the upper reaches of the Jeneberang River to mitigate erosion and flood disasters

5. Development of the disaster response map for South Sulawesi

6. Provide input on the revision of the Law on Disaster and the draft of the Geological Law

1. Designing a disaster curriculum from the elementary to high school level as a local content

2. Training for Disaster Reduction Efforts

3. Thematic Disaster for KKN

4.Training teachers and health workers

5. Workshop and Focus Group Discuss with the State Administration Agency

1. Transporting of the disaster response team (cooperation with the South Sulawesi Emergency Nurse Association)

2. Addressing a technical assistance team for groundwater (in collaboration with the South Sulawesi Indonesian Association of Geologists)

3. Advanced mapping for disaster-prone areas

4. Creating a response map

1. Post Disaster Need Assessment (PDNA)

2. Do the infrastructure studies

3. Creating the disaster-safe area spatial planning map

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